Student Conduct at the other School Facilities

In the Computer Labs

CCJ students must:

  1. abide by the computer lab entrance and exit rules;
  2. utilize the equipment and resources (including Internet) available at the labs only for their school work and for educational purposes, and not for fun and entertainment;
  3. handle equipment and resources with care and report any malfunction;
  4. avoid any operation that results in:

- masking the student’s true identity;

- modifying or deleting information that belongs to another user;

- sending on the web swearwords, rude or racist emails;

- disrupting the smooth running of the network;

-  uploading pictures or school related information on social networking sites;

- installing any special software onto the school computer except at the request of a teacher.

     5. Any student’s saved work could be erased by the computer teacher when deemed necessary.

 N.B. The school administration may publish the students’ photos in certain school publications, such as the yearbook, agenda, yearly calendar, school activities and events, the official school website, the yearly educational project, etc.

 In the Church

In the school church, every student is required to:

  1. keep silent and refrain from all kinds of amusement;
  2. listen to the word of God;
  3. participate in the prayers and the Mass;
  4. be decent (in behavior and outfit);
  5. live the spirit of prayer and contemplation.

 In the Library and Documentation Center

When using the resources, books, and materials available at CCJ’s libraries and CDI, every student has to:

  1. realize that the resources (books, references, Internet, etc.) provided by CCJ are put at his/her own disposal for information gathering, research, and completion of class-related projects;
  2. resort to the librarian in case of inquiries about specific books, magazines, documents, CDs, and the like;
  3. work diligently and silently in order to contribute in fostering a suitable atmosphere for learning, reading, and research;
  4. protect the equipment and materials of the library and CDI to ensure that others can benefit from using them as well.

 In the Scientific Laboratories

Every CCJ student should keep in mind the following lab safety rules:

  1. conduct himself/herself in a careful and responsible manner at all times in the lab, for this place is different from the other parts of the school in that it includes materials, such as chemicals, which should be handled very carefully by students;
  2. refrain from touching any equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the laboratory area until  instructed to do so;
  3. remain alert and focused while performing experiments;
  4. wash his/her hands very well after performing experiments and touching lab containers.

In the Examination Room

It is essential that every CCJ student recognize the necessity of strict adherence to the rules enforced at the examination room and how these rules contribute in promoting a suitable atmosphere for learners to think, test their understanding of the concepts in the examined subject matters, and succeed.

Therefore, in the examination room every CCJ student has to:

  1. abide by the invigilators’/proctors’ directions;
  2. sit in his/her designated seat;
  3. take into the examination room the stationery needed for the test and keep it in clear sight of the proctors;  unauthorized material should be kept outside the examination room in an area indicated by the supervisor;
  4. keep quiet;
  5. refrain from lending or borrowing exam materials;
  6. keep the room clean;
  7. protect the examination room furniture and all its materials;
  8. refrain from taking the cell phone into the examination room or using it for any purpose;
  9. write down his/her name on all the test sheets, writing and scratch paper on his/her table;
  10. submit his/her test sheets on time;
  11. refrain from cheating or causing trouble for other students in the room.
  12. strict measures will be taken by the administration in case of cheating.