The Relationship between Parents/Guardians and the School (Administrators and Teachers)

The school administration considers parents as CCJ’s primary partners in the process of education and as equally responsible for all matters pertaining to their children’ school life; therefore, parents are requested to:

  1. attend and take part in the parent- teacher conferences that are organized by the administration  throughout the school year in order to provide them with general guidelines that contribute in their child’s learning and keep them informed of their children’s academic performance and behavioral status;
  2. attend the separate parent-teacher meetings which are scheduled at the request of teachers in order to tackle issues pertaining to their child’s school life;
  3. check their child’s agenda, daily assignments, online report card and disciplinary file, portfolio for preschoolers, as well as the notifications related to the school news, events, and activities;
  4. monitor and sign their child’s corrected test sheets;
  5. monitor their child’s notebooks and refer to teachers in case of any inquiries;
  6. refer to the school administration in case of any inquiries;
  7. write down any inquiries in letters addressed to the concerned teacher or on their child’s agenda;
  8. regularly ask their child about any notifications or notices sent by the school;
  9. realize that the school administration stands at an equal distance from all and does not discriminate;
  10. show willingness to cooperate with the school and take the administration’s verbal and written directions into consideration;
  11. settle down all school-related payments and fees;
  12. accept the decisions taken by the school administration positively and refrain from demonstrating negative actions or reactions;
  13. keep the school image respectful and refrain from tarnishing the school reputation through the media or social networking sites, so that it does not reflect negatively on their child’s status at the school.