The American Program

  1. Central College offers students of different nationalities or pupils who have spent more than two years outside Lebanon a special American program (AP) with an enriched American curriculum.
  2. Students registered in the AP section take special Arabic and French classes.
  3. Students in the AP section follow the enrollment procedures stated above. The essential documents for enrollment are the following:

- The new candidate’s official school papers (report card and certificate of attendance from his/her previous school/transfer certificate) should be certified by the school, the Lebanese Embassy in country of residence, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in country of residence.

- In Lebanon, those same documents should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Achrafieh then UNESCO, Beirut.

- The UNESCO will issue an equivalence, which exempts the candidate from regular Arabic classes and later the Lebanese Brevet & Baccalaureate.

- Copy of the candidate’s passport

- 2 passport photos

The French Program

  1. In addition to the American program, CCJ adopts the French Baccalaureate system (Bacc. Français) from Kindergarten to Secondary School.
  2. This system is obligatory till Grade 9. However, in the secondary classes the conditions of acceptance are determined by the administration.


  1. Students holding a foreign nationality will be exempt from subjects scheduled in the Lebanese curriculum if they obtain the necessary documents/equivalence duly signed by the Ministry of Education.
  2. Physical education is considered obligatory as all other subjects in the curriculum. A waiver signed by the parents is requested for exemption from a sports session to be presented to the Head of Section. In this case, a specific task will be allocated for the student to complete during the sports class. If the need for exemption from the sports class exceeds one session or is for a specific period of time due to medical reasons, a medical report is required and should be re-issued/renewed every year.