Kidzmondo Trip
Elementary Cycle



is an indoor theme park, a replica of a real city based on local theming where children play adult roles in a highly realistic environment and learn about local traditions and culture. Activities are designed to be fun and pedagogical, based on the ‘edutainment’ concept (education + entertainment). The activities and their contents are developed with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education to educate children in local citizenship rules and values. KidzMondo is a safe, interactive, and educational theme park where kids perform the role they are playing and are led by a highly qualified educator team. This is a unique  opportunity for kids to learn some of the complexities of the adult world, its infrastructure, occupations and the value of money, just as in real life.

The English Elementary Cycle has organized an outing to KidzMondo, Beirut, on December 5, 2013. CCJ school buses will leave the school grounds directly after the morning assembly and will be back at school at 5:15 p.m. So we kindly request that you collect your children from school at this time (5:15  p.m.).

  • Your child should wear the school uniform.

  • Your child should have breakfast at home, as no time will be given to students to
    eat at school.

  • Your child cannot take any food to Kidzmondo.

  • Cameras and cell phones are NOT allowed.


Fee: 27,500 LL for entrance ticket + 7,500 LL for lunch =   35,000 LL

Lunch: please tick what your child would like to have for lunch:

            Option 1: Big Hamburger, fries, chocolate brownies, juice

           Option 2: Pizza, fries, choice of a drink


          I, the undersigned_________________________________, parent of the student______________________________ in Grade _________________ would like my child to participate in the outing to Kidzmondo on Thursday, December 5, 2013.


I, the undersigned ________________________________, parent of the student_______________________ in Grade ___________________ do not want my child to participate in the outing to Kidzmondo on Thursday,December 5, 2013.

N.B. Students who are not participating in this outing must stay home on Thursday, December 5, 2013.