Parents who are eager to register their children in CCJ have to follow specific steps for admission and enrollment (three phases).  Though all admission information is available online, interviews with parents and their children, in addition to admission assessment, form an integral part of the admission policy.

Phase 1: Interviews

  1. Parents of applicants meet with the Rector, or Father Superior, with prior appointment through the Rector’s secretary. It is preferable that the new candidates/students accompany their parents as well.
  2. The second interview will be conducted at the school Orientation Office. The office provides parents/guardians with a detailed account of the school tuition, fees, the due dates for fee settlement, and how they are linked to the report card online system. 
  3. The third interview will be conducted by the concerned head of section, who provides parents with details about the methodologies adopted, the enrollment requirements, and the Regulations Guidebooks.
  4. Parents fill in an enrollment form which reserves a place for the new candidate in order to sit for an admission exam, yet it does not guarantee the candidate’s admittance into the school.
  5. The Head of Section then schedules an admission exam for the candidate provided that the parents present, before the exam, the student’s report card and test scores from his previous school, except for preschoolers.
  6. A medical report indicating whether the student has any health problems –medical or physical condition.
  7. A copy of the vaccinations card for the Preschool students.

Phase 2: Admission Exam

  1. Kindergarten: age related tests to evaluate a child’s readiness for school and for the curriculum offered.
  2. Elementary School + Middle School Grade 7: English/French, Arabic, and math, an oral test, in addition to a test conducted by the school psychologist; non-Arabic speakers are exempt from the Arabic test.
  3. Middle School Grade 8 + High School: English/French, Arabic, math, physics, and chemistry, an oral test, in addition to a test conducted by the school psychologist; non-Arabic speakers are exempt from the Arabic test.
  4. Technical School: A test based on the chosen specialization.

Phase 3:  Registration (documents and conditions)

Certain documents are requested from parents for the completion of registration.

  1. The Student and Parent Regulations Guidebooks signed by the parents and their children
  2. 2 passport photos for the candidate – 4 passport photos for preschoolers
  3. Copy of the student’s identity card and civil status
  4. The family’s civil status record (Original + Copy)
  5. The student’s final report card from his/her previous school (original + copy)
  6. Transfer certificate /Attestation of attendance and success from the previous school, approved by the school and the Ministry of Education
  7.  Registration fee:  The registration fee is deducted from the third tuition.


a. The Preschool Section receives applications for new candidates as of the middle of January of the new scholastic year.

b. Enrollment age: Children are eligible for Kindergarten based on their age.

  • KG1: a child must be 3 years of age by January 31st of the new scholastic year.*
  • KG2: a child must be 4 years of age by January 31st of the new scholastic year. *

* This date is subject to modifications set by the Ministry of Education each year.


a. Central College starts to receive applications for new students (Elementary, Middle and High School) as of the month of April.

b. Admission exams are scheduled as follows: May and June (Saturdays); July and August (the schedule of the exam is given at the time of application).

c. A waiting list will be established after the class has reached the maximum enrollment. However, being on a waiting list does not guarantee new candidates a place at Central College.

N.B. 3

It is important to note that for new students, applications are accepted or selected on the basis of priorities: siblings of students already enrolled in our school, children of the alumni and staff members, children who were registered at CCJ’s Day Care Center, and students who score high on the admission exam.

 N.B. 4

a. Re-enrollment of the current students takes place in May of each year.

b. Re-enrollment reserves a place for the student at the school but does not guarantee promotion to a higher class level.

c. The school administration refrains from re-enrolling students who have failed the Grade 9 or Grade 12 official examinations.

d. The school administration has the right to transfer any student from the Academic Section to the Technical School based on his/her results. In this case, the student will be re-enrolled in the Technical School; otherwise, the student has to change school.

e. The school pedagogical council decides the branch of each student in the secondary classes (scientific, sociology and economics, literary) based on the student’s grades and capabilities. 

N.B. 5

The school administration may seize the school ID of any student enrolled at CCJ in the following cases:

  1. When the student does not obtain the required average;
  2. When the student receives three written warnings;
  3. If the pedagogical and disciplinary committees deem it necessary to expel a student due to academic and disciplinary issues.

N.B. 6

The school Rector retains the right to refuse to enroll a new student or re-enroll a current student for very special reasons and justifications.