Parents, along with their children, should keep in mind the following:

  1. During the school year, all Saturday and afternoon supplementary and remedial sessions organized by the Administration are obligatory and non-negotiable.
  2. The summer session is obligatory for CCJ students and new candidates specified by the administration before they are promoted to a higher class level. 
  3. CCJ students must participate in all activities organized by the school, inside and outside the school, such as field trips, cultural activities, conferences, and the like. These activities are an integral part of the school policy.
  4. No student is allowed on the school premises after dismissal time unless he/she is enrolled in after school activities (sports, art, music). The administration is not liable for any student’s late arrival at home on the account of taking part in after school activities, knowing that the respective parents have not enrolled their son/daughter in any of these aforementioned activities.
  5. Students who take part in school field trips or outings on a Saturday must be brought to school and collected from school by their parents/guardians.
  6. Parents are requested not to ask the bus driver to drop off their child at any place on the way back to school.
  7. Parents are requested to have a morning check-up of their children’s bags and pockets to ensure the absence of illegal substances and non-scholastic items.
  8. Parents request attestations and grades from the secretariat of their child’s section provided that the due school fees have been fully settled; parents receive the requested documents two working days after the submission date of the application.
  9. Concerning the college application forms and recommendation letters that should be completed by the school for students who are getting ready to enter college, the parents can collect them from the school secretariat two working days after the submission date of application.