The Responsibility of Parents in the Context of General Safety Rules

Medical Issues: parents are requested to:

  1. take medical appointments outside the school hours;
  2. inform the administration and present a medical report in case their child has a prolonged medical treatment; the medicament should be left at the school infirmary or in the secretary’s office;
  3. collect their child from school at the request of the administration in case of severe sickness.


a. Our insurance program provides coverage for accidents or injuries incurred during the hours and days when school is in session or while attending or participating in school supervised activities on or off school premises.

b. The school and the insurance company are not liable for any accidents occurring outside the school premises or school bus.

Circulation Issues: parents are requested to:

  1. ensure their children’s safety in case they walk to school or cross a short distance to wait for the bus;
  2. ensure that their child gets into the bus and refrain from getting into the bus themselves;
  3. in the afternoon, wait for their children, especially the young ones, at the designated station, help them get off the bus, or entrust this task to a trustworthy person.
  4. repeatedly remind their children of the general basic safety and good conduct rules while taking the bus to and from school;
  5. track the location of their child’s school bus in real-time through the website dedicated for this purpose, using their computers or cell phones (a username and a password are required);
  6. respect the instructions and directions of the security personnel at the school, in order to help facilitate their job in organizing school traffic and ensuring public safety;
  7. refrain from getting their cars into the school parking unless provided with an identification card posted on the car’s windscreen; the identification card, which is issued by the school administration, can be obtained only from the school General Secretariat, after the parent presents the car’s registration book.
  8. refrain from entering the school premises before 1:30 p.m. (parents of preschoolers) and 2:40 p.m. (parents of students from the other sections);
  9. refrain from waiting for their children on the playgrounds or in the school cafeteria, but in the designated places for parents.


a. CCJ’s responsibility is limited to the graduation ceremony organized on the school grounds.

b. The school is not liable for the convoys that students organize before, during, or after graduation, including car rentals, fireworks, causing chaos and disturbance, all of which do not reflect the school image or the sense of belonging to the school and which may result in strict measures taken by the administration.